Live Studio Appearance — November 2010

Posted on: December 28, 2010

One advantage to having your fingers in a lot of pies is that you know a lot of interesting people with interesting careers and jobs!  About a month ago I was asked to participate in a live broadcast event at the Kenmore Live Studio entitled “Color Me Kenmore” where I would be doing mini-makeovers on two women.  I had never done anything like this before and was very nervous, but jumped at the chance to try!

Kenmore, for those who aren’t familiar with the brand, is a line of kitchen appliances, kitchenware, and other home appliances.  I remember very well our Kenmore dishwasher and fridge growing up, and it’s a brand that most Americans (at least ones as old as I am!) associate with quality and durability.  This particular event in Chicago was being done to highlight the new cookware colors and packaging, and the local chef also featured would be cooking Mediterranean food (specifically, Lebanese food).  As I thought about colors, Mediterranean food, and what would make a good presentation, I was immediately drawn to two themes that I would use in my makeup:  “sunset and sand” and “water and sea”.  Unfortunately the clip doesn’t show my makeup color layout, but I actually organized and prepared all the colors I wanted to use in small “drops” on a plate so the audience present could see the blues, golds, orange, bronze/browns (and even lavender!) colors I intended to use on the models. 

This was a lot of fun to work on with the people from Kenmore, and I hope to have similar opportunities in the future to improve my on-camera skills!

If you can’t see the edited clip above featuring excerpts from my presentation, go to this link:


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    • lilmakeuptips: Thanks for your comment! I got your note on the smoky eye and will do a post on the topic soon!
    • Wicked Red: You look REALLY good in those Lil. Thanks for sharing.
    • lilmakeuptips: Thank you so much Emil! I hope to have a New Year's makeup blog entry posted tomorrow ... maybe even a webcam if I can get it done ...


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