Linda Mason — Eye Candy in Chicago!!!

Posted on: May 15, 2011

Linda Mason is an icon in makeup artistry, at the forefront of a revolution in makeup for fashion shows, working with top designers like Helena Rubenstein, Gaultier and Steven Meisel.  She worked with many of the top models in the industry, including Carol Alt and Cindy Crawford, and celebrities from Cameron Diaz to Joan Jett.  Mason brought incredible creativity, a sense of the theatrical, and a love of color that remains a major influence in the industry today.

In more recent years, Linda Mason has dedicated herself to her own cosmetics line (Linda Mason Elements), educating future artists, and publishing books on makeup and makeup application, including the very popular Eye Candy.  I won’t go into a long review of the book here, but it is certainly one of my favorites — with 55 eye looks featured, it’s a consistent source of inspiration.  What makes Linda Mason so special is her use of color … combinations and techniques that are pretty, evocative, and daring.

I had the honor to participate in a workshop in Chicago with Linda Mason at Makeup First School this week.  I was able to watch her work on two fellow participants while she talked about her career and gave us some tips for thinking about color and working with various eye shapes.  Next, we got to work on each other, applying eye looks inspired by one of the designs featured in Eye Candy.  We were asked to challenge ourselves, so I chose a theatrical eye look with a mod-60’s vibe called “Odyssey.” Jackie, my fellow workshop participant, graciously allowed me to do this dramatic look on her eyes, and even posed with the original look from the book for me!  The eye makeup was applied with cream Flash Color in black and white from Makeup Forever, then set with corresponding white and black eyeshadow and translucent powder.  A light application of Lancome’s Electric Pink long-wear gloss was applied to lips to complete the look.

The workshop really got me inspired, and meeting Linda Mason in person was wonderful.  She wrote in my copy of Eye Candy, “Keep experimenting.”   I promise, I will, Linda Mason, I will!!



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  • lilmakeuptips: Thanks for your comment! I got your note on the smoky eye and will do a post on the topic soon!
  • Wicked Red: You look REALLY good in those Lil. Thanks for sharing.
  • lilmakeuptips: Thank you so much Emil! I hope to have a New Year's makeup blog entry posted tomorrow ... maybe even a webcam if I can get it done ...


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